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4ZFS144– Ring light for Microscopes

Technical Specifications Large version

  • Power supply: AC 90-240V 50/60Hz
  • Max. Opening: Ø61mm
  • The outside diameter of ring light cover: Ø98mm
  • Quantity of bulbs: 144 LED Bulbs
  • Size of power supply: 110x60x32mm
  • Colour temperature: 6400K, white light


Full focused images with ease

Affordable bright white Ringlight with Zone control

This basic Ring-light gives a very bright light at 6400K with up to 20000 LUX, which can be used comfortably all day without tiring an operator’s eyes. It is ideal for stereo microscopes, digital microscopes, and more.With its adjustable light and 4 switchable zones, it is possible to avoid reflections in many cases, by switching off 1 or 2 two zones. With its flicker-free ultra-bright performance, this Ring-light can unveil hidden details, not exposed with traditional Halogen spots or fiber lights. As an option, the ring light can be supplied with a unique long-distance high-level diffuser, which provides a very uniform reflection free of even shiny and reflecting surfaces and specimens.

The 4ZFS144 LED Ring-light with Area Control might look similar to many other similar ring lights in the market, but this one has some unique features due to customized electronics made especially for DeltaPix:

  • Ultra High-frequency pulse drive for flicker less streaming and video recording and improved performance with rolling shutter cameras.
  • Minimized emission and improved immunity to comply with all international standards regarding radiation and immunity to ESD.
  • 2 Years of warranty.