DeltaPix has been developing, manufacturing and marketing cameras, software and optical systems since 2003. DeltaPix in recent years have started to design special microscopes for Forensic applications in co-operation with DeltaPix partner Ryan Technology. DeltaPix Forensic microscopes are specially designed for analyzing questioned documents and surface analysis, revealing forgery, tampering and profiling the surface.

At the moment DeltaPix offer three digital microscope systems for forensic applications, AB6000 a motorized XYZ microscope for analyzing questioned documents. AB3000 is a manual version of the motorized AB6000. In addition to AB6000 and AB3000 DeltaPix offers M12Z a fully motorized microscope for general use in forensics lab.

Modus AB 6000

To analyze questioned documents, it is necessary for detailed microscopic analysis in order to reveal alterations, genuineness, or sources of documents.

The AB 6000 microscope provides high magnification and automation for routine work with complete motorized XYZ.

The Modus AB-6000 is designed for applications in which there is a need for examining large areas of documents, material surfaces, and likewise. The system is especially suited for the examination of questioned documents in Forensic applications. This system makes routine work very easy and efficient due to its ability to save settings and position for samples that are frequently analyzed ⇒ Modus AB 6000

Modus AB 3000

Complete manual Microscope system for examination of large surfaces at high magnification.

The Modus AB-3000 is the manual equivalent of the AB6000, the AB 3000 is designed for applications in which there is a need for examining large areas of documents, material surfaces, and similar applications. This system is especially suited for examination of questioned documents in Forensic applications ⇒ Modus AB 3000

Modus M12Z/AB70S

In a forensics analysis, several items can be subject to microscopic examinations such as documents, weapons, bullet cartridges, items from the crime scene, etc.

Examining such items requires the right combination of microscope optics, camera, stages, software, and much more.

DeltaPix offers the Modus AB70s, a fully motorized and complete microscope with great accuracy and precision for general use in the forensics lab. The AB70s is the ideal solution for investing in all kinds of small subjects, surface analysis, and 3D-topography. ⇒ Modus M12Z

Software for Forensics

Modern user interface

DeltaPix InSight has a modern and intuitive user interface based on the ribbon band style known from Microsoft Office 2010/2016.
Functionality has been grouped logically, and the program is easy to use. DeltaPix InSight is a modular software allowing the operator to purchase modules as needed making DeltaPix InSight very efficient and affordable.

Relevant features:
Extended Focus
Topography 3D
Automatic and manual image stitching
Image compare