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3D Topography and Surface texture analysis

FHD microscope camera

3D Topography

Both manual and automatic topography imaging are possible. The topography function can combine images at different focus levels into one single 3D image in order to give a full analysis of the surface of the object. 3D topography is very useful for surface analysis and in the visualization of samples in 3D.

3D Measurements

Comprehensive and intuitive 3D measurements

The Deltapix DPX M12000 system is a fully capable 3D, surface analysis, and measurement system. 2D parameters like angle, distance and area can easily be visualized and measured in 3D. Multiple light source options, in combination with high-resolution long working distance optics allow visualization of image surfaces with ease. Traditional 3D systems like confocal and scanning microscopes can struggle with complex surface topography, but the DeltaPix DPX12000 3D systems, display all complex details in true color. The 3D capabilities are also available in the XY-scanning mode, so detailed 3D images can be captured automatically at pre-saved XYZ positions for later analysis.

3d stiched image of PCB board

NEW 3D Stitching

Full automatic 3D stitching with motorized XYZ movement. Now it is possible to capture all the details in the sample in super high resolution and up to 16000 pix x 16000 pix 3D images.

Volume analysis

Using DeltaPix InSight it is easy to measure volumes in 3D topographies. The relevant surface area can be specified using the selection tools, and the volume can then be extracted. The volume measurement can be adjusted by using the two cutting planes to truncate the volume.

3d stiched image of PCB board
Surface Texture analysis

Roughness Measurement

DeltaPix InSight offers a non-contact roughness measurement according to ISO 25178-

DeltaPix InSight can be applied to measure the height parameters for the roughness surface and the waviness
surface, along with the volume parameters, thereby avoiding the need for third party applications for most texture analysis.
The surface texture analysis can also be performed on extracted profiles according to ISO 4287.
DeltaPix InSight can level the data and remove form by fitting a plane, sphere, cylinder, or polynomial to the
topography. Gaussian, Double Gaussian and Robust Gaussian filters are available to extract the roughness and
waviness data. The results can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

Minimum System requirements


Intel I7 12th gen or newer

Graphics Card

Nvidia RTX 2060 or better



Disk Space


Operating System

Windows 10 and Windows 11 64bit version


FHD (1920 x 1080)

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