Digital Microscopes

Digital Microscope

Digital microscopes are becoming a vital part of any well-equipped laboratory. DeltaPix aims to provide high-quality digital microscope for a wide variety of industries and research labs.
DeltaPix digital microscopes are installed all over the world by many of the most well-known Universities, hospitals, research institutes, and small and large industries.

Modus 6Z

This high quality and affordable digital microscope provide all functions necessary for precision measurements, image capture, documentation and traceable report generation as required by industrial applications. 





Modus AB 6000

The AB 6000 digital microscope provides high magnification and automation for routine work with complete motorized XYZ.
The Modus AB-6000 is designed for applications in which there is a need for examining large areas of documents, material surfaces and likewise. The system is especially suited for examination of questioned documents in Forensic applications.

Modus 6ZS-3D

The DeltaPix Modus 6ZS-3D is a complete digital microscope system that is designed for inspection, documentation, and analyses such as measurements in 2D, 3D topographies as well as roughness measurement according to guidelines of ISO 25178-2:2012.

Digital microscope with 12X zoom

Modus M12ZS

Fully automated digital microscope, this innovative fully automated digital microscope offers quality and features never seen before at this price level. “3D topography”, “Super depth of field”, “Auto stitching”, Automatic scanning, and much more.

digital microscope 3D

Modus AB 3000

The AB 3000 is the manual equivalent of the AB 6000. This affordable digital microscope provides high magnification and accuracy never seen at this price range.
The system is especially suited for examination of questioned documents in Forensic applications.


Application that a DeltaPix Digital microscope is ideal for:

The development in digital microscopy has evolved the digital microscope into a very powerful tool for many applications such as:

  • 3D microscopy
  • Surface measurement
  • 2D measurement
  • Roughness measurement
  • Inspection

Benefits of using digital microscope.

The ease and efficiency of digital microscopes provide an enhanced working environment.. Cooperation between coworkers, customers and suppliers is much easier with a digital microscope, due to the image is shared on a screen, email, storage or network effortlessly. Moreover, a digital microscope provides a more ergonomic working posture and preventing injuries.

  • Ideal for cooperation between coworkers, customers and suppliers
  • Easy documentation and verification
  • Versatile applications
  • Ergonomic