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Digital Microscopes

Digital microscopes are becoming a vital part of any well-equipped laboratory. DeltaPix aims to provide a high-quality digital microscope for a wide variety of industries and research labs. DeltaPix digital microscopes are installed all over the world by many of the most well-known universities, hospitals, research institutes, and small and large industries.

DPX M series Digital Microscopes

3D digital microscope

Digital 3D microscope – DPX M12000

Microscope camera

3D Digital Microscope – DPX M6000

Microscoe camera

Manual Digital Microscope – DPX M200

digital microscope with telecentric lens

 Digital Microscope – DPX M2000

digital microscope

Manual Digital Microscope – DPX M80

Inspection Microscopes

Full HD microscope camera


inspection microscope

DPX IM200 – Digital Microscope

Telecentric Macro line: (precision measurement of large size specimen).

Measurment microscope


Benefits of Using a Digital Microscope

Digital microscopes offer numerous advantages, making them an essential tool in modern laboratories and industrial environments.

Enhanced Efficiency and Collaboration

  • Seamless Image Sharing: Effortlessly share images on screens, via email, or through network storage, facilitating cooperation between coworkers, customers, and suppliers.
  • Improved Documentation and Verification: Easily document and verify findings with high-quality digital images, streamlining workflow and enhancing accuracy.

Versatile Applications

  • Wide Range of Uses: Ideal for applications in research, quality control, surface analysis, education, and more. Digital microscopes cater to various industry needs with their adaptability and precision.

Ergonomic Design

  • Improved Working Posture: Digital microscopes promote an ergonomic working posture, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing comfort during extended use.

DeltaPix digital microscopes provide an advanced working environment that boosts productivity and ensures precision. Discover the versatility and benefits of our cutting-edge digital microscopy solutions.


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