Industry & Manufacturing

DeltaPix has been developing, manufacturing and marketing cameras, software and optical systems since 2003 giving DeltaPix extensive experience in imaging and industrial measurement applications.

In industry and manufacturing it is often necessary for microscope system to help in the manufacturing process as; inspection, measurement, analyzing, and documenting the results while ensuring the highest level of accuracy and speed. Improving the manufacturing process has a direct effect on the bottom line.

DeltaPix provides systems that are based on extensive experience with imaging and measurement to ensure high level of quality and ease of use for the operators.

Complete systems

Modus M12Z

• Ultra-compact
• Super depth of field
• Auto stitching
• Automatic scanning
• 3D topography
• Easily customizable

This innovative fully motorized and automated digital microscope offers quality and features never seen before at this price level. ⇒ Modus M12Z

Modus 6Z

• High Magnification
• Fast results
• Measurements
• Affordable
• Easy to use

This high quality and affordable microscope system provides all functions necessary for precision measurements, image capture, documentation and traceable report generation as required by industrial applications. ⇒ Modus 6Z

Modus Tec / Modus Tec-HDMI

• Super depth of field
• 3D Topography
• Fast results
• High precision measurements
• Customizable
• Affordable
• Easy to use

This high quality and affordable macro system provides all functions necessary for high precision measurements, image capture, 3D-topography, extended depth of focus, documentation and traceable report generation as required by industrial, scientific and biomedical applications. ⇒ Modus Tec-HDMI

Software for industry and manufacturing

Modern user interface

DeltaPix InSight has a modern and intuitive user interface based on the ribbon band style known from Microsoft Office 2010/2016.
Functionality has been grouped logically, and the program is easy to use. DeltaPix InSight is a modular software allowing the operator to purchase modules as needed making DeltaPix InSight very efficient and affordable.

Relevant features:
Measurement and Annotation
Extended Focus
Topography 3D
Automatic and manual image stitching

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