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DeltaPix cameras are perfect for biomedical applications
Biomedical Applications Because of the ease of use and extreme high image quality, DeltaPix cameras are very well suited for routine biomedical applications as well as advanced research and documentation. All DeltaPix cameras can be easily fitted to almost any microscope brand bacause of the C-mount interface, and due to the use of USB 2.0, multiple cables are avoided

Some examples of the biomedical applications:

  • Biological Ultra Structure (Cells, Tissues, Virus, Organ Systems) >Entomology (Crane Fly, Butter Flies, Hairs on Insect Reproductive Organs
  • Petrology > Parasitology (Organisms)
  • Histology (Mouse Section)
  • Blood / Immunology
  • Living Cell Imaging
  • Forensics (Finger Print on Surfaces)
  • Plant Sciences (Peer cells, Tree Bark)
  • Neurology (Neurons)
  • Osteology (Bone Sample, Mammoth Bone)
  • Mycology (Lichen Samples, Fungi and Fungus-caused diseases)
  • Marine Biology (Copepod, Hydroid)
  • Cytology (cells, their origin, structure, function)
  • Fluorescence
  • Others