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PLEASE NOTE: DeltaPix InSight is proprietary software, that only supports DeltaPix cameras and some third-party cameras, from Lumenera, Allied Vision and Artray

InSight microscope software

DeltaPix InSight V7.1.1 64bits

New 3D Topography UI in InSight

NEW in 7.1.1:

  • Improved Topography visualization and inspection mode.
  • Showing the 2D measurements in the 3D scene
  •  Zone autofocus using ROI.
  • Added buttons to reset view in 3D scene and to clip topography to 2D region wall.
  • Improved volume measurements.
  •  Two-zone autofocus for automatic determination of levels for extended focus and topography:
  • Improved report templates
  •  Can be interrupted (switching to Idle state)
  •  Search range now using same center position for finding both bottom and top level.
  •  Ctrl + Alt shows the region by fake coloring on the live image.
  •  Introduction of “grey” mode objectives, objectives not defined in any way because a microscope configuration also includes a specific camera. Using another camera makes the configuration “grey”.
  • – Work on XYFZ table  – Optimized image capture pattern for surface tracking.  – More macro for e.g., timing.  – More generic pixel format – should now accept all bit depths. 
  • Gain for G-130 works in a different way than other Allied Vision cameras (Uses “Gain” and float parameter)
  •  Optional use log10 histogram scale (double click histogram)

Bug fixing :

  • Measurements fixed – font size and color made persistent.
  • Fixed issues with light controller
  • Lots of major/minor bug fixing/improvement in topography.
  • Fixed delete of label on 2D by using the global DEL button.
  • Fixed order of images to topography – when done from files – now always ordered ascending.
  • A little more work on the objective scanner – now showing toast notification.
  •  Shading correction work – did not work with H4KWFSD08DPX – now double buffering,
  •  Fixed speed of focus motor relative to DOF
  • Optics Editor cleanup, and made it more intuitive.
  • General bug fixing

Support for new cameras

  • Integrated H4KWSD08DPX.
  • COOL09DPX, COOL20DPX, COOL07DPX integrated.
  • Allied Vision GOLDEYE integrated.
  • Allied Vision Goldeye G-030 integrated.
  • Allied Vision Goldeye G-130 integrated.
  • Invenio IV cameras

Support for new PixLight. Updated in InSight and firmware (PixLight v2.1.1 – 6ZS_WB)


Special attention is needed for some camera types when used with InSight 64-bit versions:

Invenio 5SIII, Invenio 10SIII, Invenio 2EIII and Invenio 6EIII, 10EIII, 12EIII and 20EIII:
Supported by InSight Basic 6.x.x and newer versions without the need for attaching a dongle, “Basic” version. Supported by InSight 6.x.x Basic plus any combination of advanced modules – but requires a dongle (Physical or virtual) with 64Bit enabled. In case a dongle without 64 bit enabled is attached, it will cause the camera to malfunction and a text like: “dongle expired” might show up. For more info contact DeltaPix.
Infinity X, Infinity X32, Invenio 3S, Invenio 5S, Invenio 1DII, Invenio 3DII, Invenio 5DII, Invenio 8DII, Invenio 3SII, Invenio 5SII:
Supported by InSight 6.x.x in all versions, but a dongle with 64Bit enabled is always required. In case your software displays “dongle expired” or similar text after installing InSight 6.x.x, it might be due to a dongle with missing 64-bit capacity. To solve this, please contact DeltaPix or your local dealer.
DP200, Invenio 1D, Invenio 3D, Invenio 5D These cameras are not supported in Insight 64 bit versions.