Microscope Ergonomics


This Focus only controller from DeltaPix offers high quality and ergonomic solution for microscope automated focus. The design of the Eogofocus.




Microscope Ergonomics

Finding the right working posture and working comfortably is what ergonomics is about. Ergonomics has become the subject of attention among companies for the past 50 years and applied in factories, offices, laboratories, and most workplaces. Ergonomics has proven to play a key role in relation to the employee’s job satisfaction, stress level and productivity in general. Therefore, laboratories and companies try to find the right fit between the operator and the microscope.
DeltaPix is innovating the way operators and lab professionals work with microscopes, without the need for costly investments in new microscopes. DeltaPix offers an ergonomic solution for existing stereo microscopes.

Benefits of using an ErgoFocus:

  • Motorizing focus.
  • Ergonomic controller.
  • Designed based on recommendations from physiotherapists.
  • Cost-effective upgrade.