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Resolv4K® Zoom & Fixed

Navitar 6x Zoom lens

Resolv4K® Zoom & Fixed

The Resolv4K® Lens Series was designed to maximize the usage of modern sensors with higher pixel densities. With superior visible wavelength axial color correction, the Resolv offers increased wavelength focusing ability with Vis-NIR and SWIR options.

ZOOM: Available lens attachments give users the best of both worlds; the low mag end of zoom gives wide fields of view with no sacrifice in MTF or loss of illumination, while the high mag end delivers microscope objective-like resolution at extremely long working distances.
FIXED: Fixed system is ideal for fixed field-of-view applications with closer working distances offering higher magnification and resolving power than standard enlarging or SLR lenses in macro mode.
Adapter options allow users to employ a range of sensors from 1/2″ through APS formats and beyond.

Navitar 6x_system_diagram

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