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About Deltapix

DeltaPix is pioneering the digital microscopy industry and has done so for more than 20 years, introducing many innovative technologies and solutions to meet different requirements. The first innovative product to be released by DeltaPix back in 2003, was the groundbreaking Infinity X, with 21 million real color pixels, setting new standards for microscopy cameras at that time. 

DeltaPix develops and markets a wide range of digital imaging solutions for various industrial, forensics and biomedical microscopy applications, and has established a very deep and broad expertise with-in digital image capturing, image handling and processing.

 It is the primary strategy of DeltaPix to use these technologies to create innovative new products to be marketed and sold internationally through a selective network of partners. However, DeltaPix also makes OEM and licensing arrangements for its technologies to expand its use into additional or existing market segments.

DeltaPix’s mission statement:

 The DeltaPix mission is to make the latest advances in digital microscope technology, available and easy to use for a wider range of users in both commercial and non-commercial organizations, also those with limited resources and education. Empowering a larger range of engineers, researchers, start-ups, and other professionals to discover the valuable details of the microscopic world will support the development of new materials, medicines, and environmentally sustainable products.

The mission is based on innovative, top-motivated, and highly skilled employees, and we focus on creating a meaningful and developing work environment.

We are committed to market-leading support, compliance with legislation, and fair treatment of subcontractors, customers, and other stakeholders of the company.

Our mission is carried out with attention to the environment and climate, and DeltaPix intends to be carbon negative. Our initiatives and the date for achieving this will be announced on our homepage on a regular basis.

The intention with the formulation of our mission is that it should permeate all decisions in the organization and in the daily priorities and decisions of the employees.

The mission is the core of our business and flows in our veins.


Sustainably Sourced Parts: Every product we create, and ship has an impact on our planet, therefore we intend to minimize this impact. We do our best to source materials from sustainable and eco-friendly suppliers, ensuring each component meets an acceptable environmental standard

CO2 Compensation: We understand the impact of our operations, and that’s why we minimizer our carbon footprint and even intend to be carbonnegative in the long term. We will invest in comprehensive CO2 compensation programs for every emission produced, supporting initiatives that remove or offset more carbon than we release. It’s our way of taking responsibility for the past while shaping a cleaner, greener future.

Always Choosing Sustainability: From design to production, and every step in between, sustainability must guide our decisions. We are committed to consistently opting for the most sustainable options whenever available and Whether it’s packaging materials, energy sources, or transportation methods, we are committed to prioritize choices that align with our carbon-negative vision.


Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We understand that businesses have a impact on society, and we take this as a responsibility for our activities to have a positive impact.

Our commitment to a positive impact extends beyond our products and services, shaping the way we engage with subcontractors, customers, and other stakeholders of the company.

We are committed to: 

  • Fair treatment of subcontractors.
  • Fair treatment of customers.
  • Fair treatment of all stakeholders of the company.

Product range


DeltaPix’s camera range is intended for all kinds of microscopy users, for the basic routine use, to the advanced professional researcher, who needs to manipulate the working method of the camera and control every detail. The Invenio cameras range is a series of easy to use cameras, with high resolution, high sensitivity and very low noise.

All DeltaPix cameras are manufactured to scientific standards with an extreme focus on the details; assembled in a dust-free environment, high-quality IR filters, high-grade sensors, low-temperature design, and long durability. All DeltaPix cameras are equipped with the newest high-quality CMOS and Exmor™ sensors. 

DeltaPix Digital microscopes

Digital microscopes are becoming a vital part of any well-equipped laboratory. DeltaPix aims to provide a high-quality digital microscope for a wide variety of industries and research labs, with a focus on providing reliable 2D and 3D measurements and material information like roughness, depth and height profiles. Offering a flexible solution for virtually any application and budget, ranging from a fully automatic 2D/3D microscope to a simple inspection microscope.


DeltaPix InSight Microscope/camera software suite.
Comprehensive and advanced, but intuitive and easy-to-use Microscope Software Suite for measurement, analysis, and control of microscopes, cameras, stages, and other connected equipment. The software is built by a basic package (free with most DeltaPix cameras) with optional modules for special functions, for the user only to get the functions required for the specific application.


To support our range of microscope cameras, and digital microscopes, DeltaPix offers several accessories such as light sources, Microscope stands, manual stages, motorized stages, calibration sliders, mechanical adapters and much more. Every item offered is carefully selected by a highly skilled and experienced team, to ensure high and reliable quality.