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Researchers and geoscientists work has a significant impact on advancing the understanding of the world, therefor reliable research tools are necessary for the work they perform. DeltaPix is well known for delivering powerful and reliable solutions for researchers and geoscientists, the solution ranges from standard products to highly specified solution to perform a specific task. DeltaPix solutions can be found in many universities and research centers around the world.

digital microscope small version

Measurement systems

Modus M12Z
• Ultra-compact
• Super depth of field
• Auto stitching
• Automatic scanning
• 3D topography
• Easily customizable

This innovative fully motorized and automated digital microscope offers quality and features never seen before at this price level. ⇒ Modus M12Z

Software for Geology

Modern user interface

DeltaPix InSight has a modern and intuitive user interface based on the ribbon band style known from Microsoft Office 2010/2016.
Functionality has been grouped logically, and the program is easy to use. DeltaPix InSight is a modular software allowing the operator to purchase modules as needed making DeltaPix InSight very efficient and affordable.

Relevant features:
Fission track dating
Measurement and Annotation
Extended Focus
Topography 3D
Automatic and manual image stitching