High-quality and reliable Inspection systems can significantly impact the speed and precision of inspection, analysis, measurement, and documentation. DeltaPix provides High-quality, easy to use and cost effective inspection systems.

DeltaPix Modus M28Z

• Full HD
• 3D measurement
• Ultra-compact
• 3D topography
• Super depth of field
• USB 3.0

DeltaPix digital inspection microscope with 28x motorized zoom DeltaPix Microscope with 28x motorized zoom, ideal for digital inspection, observation and measurement. ⇒ Modus M28Z

odus Inspection

• Full HD
• 6 Mp still images
• Fast results
• Affordable
• Easy to use
• HDMI – Stand-alone system
• Customizable

DeltaPix has developed this very easy to use, high performance inspection system, for replacing traditional inspection microscopes. Ideal for many different types of quality control ⇒ Modus Inspection

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