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2 MEGA PIXEL lens (2/3")

Key Features of Ricoh High-Performance 2 Mega-Pixel Lenses

Versatile 2 Mega-Pixel Lenses: Perfect for a wide array of applications, these lenses offer flexibility with various focal lengths and format sizes.

Optimal Choice for Precision Image Processing: Designed for 2 mega-pixel image capture, these manual-iris lenses are ideal for high-precision manufacturing inspections.

Superior Close-Up Imaging: Engineered for use with 2 mega-pixel CCD and CMOS sensors, our lenses deliver sharp, high-resolution, and high-contrast images, minimizing resolution loss from center to edge.

Compact, Lightweight, and Durable: These lenses are perfect for factory automation (FA) and machine vision applications, offering a compact and lightweight design without compromising durability.

Minimized Distortion for Accurate Measurements: Our lenses significantly reduce image distortion, ensuring precise measurements and reliable recognition in various imaging tasks.

Built for Challenging Environments: Equipped with easy-to-use focus and iris locking mechanisms, these lenses are designed to withstand vibrations and other environmental challenges, providing reliable performance in any setting.

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