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USB20DPX – 20 Megapixel Microscope camera

  • 20 MegaPixel high quality still images
  • High-speed video at up to 67 FPS
  • High resolution and crisp colours
  • Sony Exmor  Back-illuminated sensor
  • 1″ image sensor


Fast Streaming Video, high sensitivity, and unique colour fidelity.

The USB20DPX ,20 MegaPixel camera, is designed to excel in image quality, sensitivity, colour fidelity, and speed. The USB20DPX is designed to produce high-quality images for clinical, material science, and industrial applications such as quality control and failure analysis.


Technical Specifications

Product Model USX20DPX
Sensor Model    IMX183CQJ-J
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size    1″
Color/Mono Color
Pixel Size    2.4 x 2.4(μm)
Resolution    5496(H) x 3672(V)
Frame    15fps(5496×3675)

53fps(2736×1824 2x2bin)

67fps(1920×1680 3x3bin)

Shutter Mode    Rolling
Exposure Time 0.13ms-15s
Automatic Set Exposure, Color Scale, White Balance
Manually Set Exposure, Gain, Noise Reduction, Gamma,  Flat Field Correction
Color Temperature 2000-15000K
ADC Depth 12Bit
PC Software Capture V2.0
Picture Format JPG / PNG / TIFF
Operating System Windows is supported and Linux/Mac is under development
PC Configuration     CPU: Intel Core i5 or better(Quad or more Core),

RAM: 8G or more, OS: Windows 7/8/10 64bit

Multiple Cameras Supports 4 Cameras Simultaneously in SDK
Data Interface USB 3.0
Optical Interface Standard C Mount
Camera Size 68 x 68 x 46 mm
Camera Weight 330 g