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DMPX 8XZOOM – Digital 8X Zoom Microscope


Uncompromising Image Quality

The DMPX 8X ZOOM digital microscope provides super-high-resolution images at an affordable price with

all necessary functions for precision measurements, image capture, documentation, and traceable report

generation as required by industrial applications. This microscope system is a unique combination of high quality

optics, a high-quality track-stand, and a DeltaPix scientific HDMI or USB3.0 camera, which makes this

system unique and indispensable tool.

Made for Ergonomic Use

Due to the visualization through a monitor, the DMPX 8X ZOOM provides relief to the eyes, neck, and

shoulders and the working distance between 160mm-38mm allows operators to sit comfortably in a good

working posture and carry out their optical measurement and inspection tasks efficiently.


Full focused images with ease