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DeltaPix InSight V6.3.0 64bits

o NEW video recording module
o Time-lapse
o New Multiphase counting module
o Improved reporting for segmentation and counting module
o Topography makes flat works with walls and can be undone.
o Supports Zeiss AxioScope 5/7/Vario microscopes. Uses MTB2011 v2.9.0.14.
o Mitutoyo MF interface and communication improved.
o Motorized zoom – virtual fixed objectives – calibration at fixed positions.
o InvenioIII camera TWAIN installation added (x64 only)
o Now up to 250 Z-positions for Extended Focus and Topography
o NEW DeltaPix ErgoFocus motor controller integrated
o NEW Invenio 6MEIII camera Integrated.
Bug fixing:
– Minor bug in the new Multiphase counting module fixed.
– Scalebar on square images – fixed.
– Directory for report saving made persistent
– 3D topography auto unit selection – fixed
– 2D curve zoom – fixed
– Support for Infinity X/X32 – fixed
– Roughness measurement data panel can be removed by Shift-Click-“Roughness-button”.
– Auto Exposure fixed.

Special attention is needed for some camera types when used with InSight 64-bit versions:

Invenio 5SIII, Invenio 10SIII, Invenio 2EIII and Invenio 6EIII, 10EIII, 12EIII and 20EIII:
Supported by InSight Basic 6.x.x and newer versions without the need for attaching a dongle, “Basic” version. Supported by InSight 6.x.x Basic plus any combination of advanced modules – but requires a dongle (Physical or virtual) with 64Bit enabled. In case a dongle without 64 bit enabled is attached, it will cause the camera to malfunction and a text like: “dongle expired” might show up. For more info contact DeltaPix.
Infinity X, Infinity X32, Invenio 3S, Invenio 5S, Invenio 1DII, Invenio 3DII, Invenio 5DII, Invenio 8DII, Invenio 3SII, Invenio 5SII:
Supported by InSight 6.x.x in all versions, but a dongle with 64Bit enabled is always required. In case your software displays “dongle expired” or similar text after installing InSight 6.x.x, it might be due to a dongle with missing 64-bit capacity. To solve this, please contact DeltaPix or your local dealer.
DP200, Invenio 1D, Invenio 3D, Invenio 5D These cameras are not supported in Insight 64 bit versions.

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