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DeltaPix – InSight 64-Bit

DeltaPix is very pleased to announce the new 64bit version of DeltaPix InSight software – InSight 6.0.0 faster and more efficient than ever before.

The DeltaPix Insight v5.3.11 is the last 32bit version supported, and only the 64bit version will be further developed.
DeltaPix has moved to the new 64bit architecture in order to benefit from the virtual unlimited memory space this provides.

For the user, this has several advantages: 
· Stitching of much larger images, without the risk of running out of memory.
· 3D topography with more details.
· Easier interface to 3rd party software like Prior or Zeiss MTB.

Special attention is needed for some camera types when used with InSight 64 bit versions:

Invenio 5SIII, Invenio 10SIII, Invenio 2EIII and Invenio 6EIII
InSight 6.0.0 Basic. Full support without the need of a dongle
InSight 6.0.0 Basic plus advanced modules – an updated dongle with a 64Bit module is needed. For more info contact DeltaPix.
Infinity X, Infinity X32, Invenio 3S, Invenio 5S, Invenio 1DII, Invenio 3DII, Invenio 5DII, Invenio 8DII, Invenio 3SII, Invenio 5SII
– an updated dongle with a 64Bit module is needed. For more info contact DeltaPix.
DP200, DP300, DP450, Invenio 1D, Invenio 3D, Invenio 5D
These cameras are not supported in Insight 64 bit versions.

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