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Microscope Focus Automation

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Microscope Focus Automation

A simple and easy solution to convert an old microscope into a 3D microscope.
DeltaPix provides solutions for the automation of microscopes of all kinds, like motorized focus and motorized XY axis. With DeltaPix automation solutions, it is possible to turn most old microscopes into a modern 3D microscope. Capture extended focus images with up to 250 slices with ease, create a 3D Topography of the sample surface, and allows for roughness measurement. With the DeltaPix automation solution, there is no need for a new microscope, reuse the old microscope, and achieve the same results as with a new 3D microscope.
Save the environment by reusing the old microscope with a DeltaPix automation upgrade.

The focus motor can be controlled by DeltaPix ErgoFocus.

Minimum System requirements


Intel I5 (quad-core)



Disk Space


Operating System

Windows 10 and Windows 11 64bit version


FHD (1920 x 1080)

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