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LS 40 – Inverted fluorescence Microscope

Inverted fluorescence Microscope

The LS 40 is designed to match most microscope in the market at the moment even the offerings from well-known brands. This microscope offers the best value for the money in the market with results that can impress the most demanding users.

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Fluorescence  Microscope ls40

HBO intensity between LEAM microscope and some of the competitors in the market.

comparision 3
comparsion 2

Comparison of fluorescence images


To avoid vibrations during image capture, at high magnifications, the mechanical system and the optics is built around extremely solid, yet very compact components.

Measure, analyze and report the results

DeltaPix InSight software

DeltaPix software is based on many years of experience, which shows up in the small details when working with the camera and software in the “real world”.

Fluorescence images can be fake colored and combined with DeltaPix InSight software.
This is useful when fluorescence images are captured with a monochrome camera.
An image can be forced to any another color, and then merged using different algorithms.

Technical specifications

Body Inverted type microscope
Eyepiece WF 10X/22mm
Objective LWDPLF 4x/0.13 WD: 18.52mm
LWDPLF 10x/0.30 WD: 7.11mm
LWDPLF 20x/0.45 WD: 5.91mm
LWDPLF 40x/0.65 WD: 1.61mm
Ph P 20x/0.40 WD: 7.2mm
Phase-contrast slide 10X, 20X, 40X
Trinocular head

Inclined 45°, interpupillary distance: 48-76mm Light distribution (both)

80:20 (80% for the trinocular head, and 20% for eyepiece)

Nosepiece Quintuple
Mechanical Stage

Stage size: : 210x241mm,

Round slide size:Φ118mm,

available for 96 holes plate,

moving range:128x80mm

Culture dish holder: 54mm


Long working distance, Quickly detachable , N.A.0.3,

Working distance: 72mm (with condenser),
195mm(without condenser).

Koehler illumination 6V/30W(input voltage:100V~240V)
Filter Blue and green
C-mount 0.5x C-Mount (Focus adjustable)
Epi Fluorescence Illumination

HBO lamp housing and 100W mercury lamp

Mercury lamp power supply

Fluorescence filter

TRITC filter set: EX543/22nm, EM593/40nm, DM562nm

FITC filter set: EX475/40nm, EM530/50nm, DM500nm

DAPI filter set: EX365/47nm, EM445/50nm, DM395nm

Optional lens

Ph P10x / 0.25 WD: 8.3mm

Ph P40x / 0.60 WD: 3.4mm

Camera options