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3D Topography, multi-output, autofocus microscope camera


High-resolution microscope camera with a built-in motorized focus for uncompromising image quality and ease of use. The H4KAWSD08DPX produces high-resolution images with vibrant natural colors suited also for critical applications like Pathology and likewise.

With the H4KAWSD08DPX users can enjoy fast, comfortable, and user-friendly on-screen operation with motorized focus– improving sample evaluation, measurement, facilitating effective collaborations, and documentation in high resolution. For more advanced applications the user has the option to connect the camera to a PC via USB 3.0 or WiFi and use DeltaPix InSight in order to make further analysis and automatically extended focus images. Moreover, this camera provides a completely new platform for inspection applications making inspection easy and comfortable with its autofocus ability.

  • USB 3.0, HDMI, and WiFi
  • Large Sony back-illuminated Exmor sensor
  • Motorized focus for autofocus or manual
  • Resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Live image speed of 60 fps in full resolution (HDMI)
  • Built-in 4K video recording
  • Built-in advanced measurement
  • Selectable language: English, German, French and Italian
  • Free downloadable Android APP
  • DeltaPix InSight Basic 
  • Optional, InSight 4K Basic plus and Z-Pack for H4KAWSD08DPX


4K Microscope camera
4K Microscope camera

Motorized focus

With the built-in motorized focus and DeltaPix InSight, it is easy and intuitive to capture an extended focus image combining many images in different focus levels into one fully focused image.

Why 4K?

4K also known as UHD is a new variant for TV and PC monitors which offer at least 4 times more pixels than normal HD or FHD standards. The result of this increased number of pixels is an image clarity that goes well beyond conventional 1080 pixel HD resolution and presents more vibrant, varied and realistic colors. Therefore, DeltaPix is Introducing a new 4K microscope camera to present new opportunities for working with digital microscopes without compromising any details in the sample. What does this mean for microscopy work?  A higher resolution captures a higher level of detail for analyzing the finest structures of the object under the microscope. Thanks to the advanced technologies of the Invenio 4KHDMI camera, even the finest details of a sample is clearly revealed on-screen.


The H4KWSD08DPX microscope camera provides a powerful measurement functionality with high accuracy build-in the camera no need for a PC.

User-friendly and versatile Microscope Camera

Plug and play – the HDMI interface for ease of installation on any monitor with HDMI input no need for a PC.


Perform advanced analysis by connecting the camera to the optional PC software via USB 3.0, or Wifi.


Use the free downloadable Android APP and and stream the video feed to your smartphone, this is very useful for digital classrooms

USB, Wifi and HDMI logo

Exmor back-illuminated structure

Sony Exmor back-illuminated structure sensor, is developed with the intention of capturing vivid images even in low light settings. “Exmor ” sensor is approximately twice as sensitive as a conventional front-illuminated CMOS sensor and also features low noise. This is due to back-illuminated CMOS sensor, light is directed onto the silicon substrate from behind, allowing light to be used with a level of efficiency not possible with conventional front-illuminated pixel structures.


C-mount makes the camera compatible with most microscopes and objectives on the market.

IR filter

The H4KWSD08DPX – Microscope camera is made with high quality IR filter which protects the sensor from invisible light and dust. DeltaPix IR-filters are free from scratches and other artefacts, which could potentially degrade the image quality.

Technical specifications

Image Sensor

1/1.8” format CMOS Coluor

7.68mm x 4.32mm

Effective pixels 3840 x 2160 pixels
Image resolution 3840×2160
Frame rate 3840 x 2160 @60FPS (HDMI)
1920 x 1080 @60FPS (HDMI)
3840 x 2160 @30FPS (USB 3.0)
3840 x 2160 @30FPS (WiFi)
Pixel size 2 x 2 microns

G Sensitivity

Dark Current

505mv with 1/30s
0.1mv with 1/30s
White Balance Automatic / Manual/ ROI
Auto Exposure Automatic / Manual
Auto Focus  Yes
Parameter Settings Gain, Gamma, Saturation, Contrast, Sharpening, Brightness, and Denoise
Record video 4K Video
Interface Connector

USB 3.0



Lens Mount C-mount
Dimensions 98.3mm x 65mm x 78mm
Weight 470g
Optional Software modules, InSight 4K Basic plus and Z-Pack for H4KAWSD08DPX