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New focus automation installation – upgrading a Zeiss microscope

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DeltaPix has upgraded a Zeiss Microscope at ”Coating Consultancy Copenhagen

The microscope is an old but optically still a very capable Zeiss microscope.

The customer was happy with the microscope but needed more modern features like automatic extended focus, advanced 3D topography analysis, and ISO roughness measurements.

DeltaPix, has achieved all the features without the need for a new and expensive microscope. DeltaPix provided an upgrade of the existing microscope, by motorizing the focus combined with DeltaPix InSight software.

The advantages of this solution are obvious:

  • The customer gets all the needed features for a fraction of a new microscope price.
  • This is a sustainable solution since it extends the life of a good microscope.
  • A better working posture and comfort while working with the microscope via the ergonomically designed “ErgoFocus” controller.

See more in the below video

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