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DeltaPix’s Mission Statement

The DeltaPix mission is to make the latest advances in digital microscope technology, available and easy to use for a wider range of users in both commercial and non-commercial organizations, also those with limited resources and education. Empowering a larger range of engineers, researchers, start-ups, and other professionals to discover the valuable details of the microscopic world will support the development of new materials, medicines, and environmentally sustainable products.

The mission is based on innovative, top-motivated, and highly skilled employees, and we focus on creating a meaningful and developing work environment.

We are committed to market-leading support, compliance with legislation, and fair treatment of subcontractors, customers, and other stakeholders of the company.

Our mission is carried out with attention to the environment and climate, and DeltaPix intends to be carbon negative. Our initiatives and the date for achieving this will be announced on our homepage on a regular basis.

The intention with the formulation of our mission is that it should permeate all decisions in the organization and in the daily priorities and decisions of the employees.

The mission is the core of our business and flows in our veins.