Digital Microscope for Inspection

Modus Inspection

DeltaPix has developed this very easy to use, high-performance inspection system, for replacing traditional stereo microscope. Ideal for many different types of applications for instance quality control. Achieve better ergonomic and less eye stress by looking at a high-quality full HD monitor with 30 FPS instead of tiny eyepieces.



Modus 4K Inspection

Uncompromising Image Quality with Modus 4K Inspection system, The Modus 4K inspection is a premium Ultra High Definition 8.3-megapixel optical inspection system. Produces ultra-sharp live pictures of your inspection objects up to 40x on 28” monitor at the same time providing a large field of view.




Digital microscope for inspection

A Digital microscope is the perfect solution for most inspection and quality control application, without using an eye straining eyepiece like on a traditional stereo microscope. The development of a digital microscopes has made quality control and documentation easy and very cost effective.
A DeltaPix digital microscope for inspection are used in many well-known companies and universities worldwide.

Application that a DeltaPix Digital Inspection microscope can used for:

  • Surface control and verification
  • Quality control via visual inspection
  • Image documentation

Benefits of using a Digital microscope for inspection

  • User-friendly plug and play interface.
  • Easy sharing and cooperation with colleagues, suppliers and customers.
  • Ideal for training and education.
  • Is more ergonomic to work with, less stress on the neck and eyes.

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