DeltaPix installs cameras and software for microscope and macro system at ‘Aarhus University, Institute of Bioscience’.

DeltaPix has installed camera (Infinity X), software (DPXView PRO) and motorization for a Zeiss V12 discovery microscope at Aarhus University, Institute of Bioscience, based on “Risø research center” in Denmark. The equipment have been in intensive use since then, and because of the stunning quality and ease of use, Biologist Steffen Lundsteen decided in late 2011 to upgrade the system with the new Insight software with motorization module and a new Invenio 5DII camera. The motorized extended focus makes it possible to capture and file images of benthic invertebrates from Danish, Swedish and Greenland seas with full depth of focus in very high quality, easy and fast. The last is of extreme importance, as Steffen Lundsteen has captured several thousand images, frequently with extended focus, of which a very few of them, can be seen on the right.

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