Modus AB 3000

The AB 3000 is the manual equivalent of the AB 6000. This affordable digital microscope provides high magnification and accuracy never seen at this price range.
The Modus AB-3000 is designed for applications in which there is a need for examining large areas of documents, material surfaces and likewise. The system is especially suited for examination of questioned documents in Forensic applications.

  • Motorized Z-focus
  • High resolution optics with zoom capability
  • Super Depth of Field
  • 3D Topography
digital microscope 3D

High resolution optics with zoom capability.

As standard, AB6000 is supplied with a mono zoom system with a magnification range of 0.7-4.5x.

To revile the micro details in the sample, the system has attached a High Resolution Infinity Corrected Microscope objective. With a 10x objective and a 0.75 adapter, the system has a magnification range of approximately 5-40x, similar to a material microscope with 5x, 10x, 20x and a 40x objective.

Super Depth of Field

The Ab 3000 has the ability to produce “Super depth of field”, by capturing images at different focus levels and intelligently extract a full focus image from the captured images. The number of images needed for each extended focus capture, is calculated automatically, from the depth of focus at the actual magnification.

3D Topography

With the 3D module in InSight, it is possible to display the topography of the document under observation. Height measurements and profiles across any section of the document can be displayed and documented.