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DeltaPix InSight 6.0.5 64bit

InSight 5.2.3

DeltaPix is very pleased to announce the new 64bit version of DeltaPix InSight software - InSight 6.0.5 faster and more efficient than ever before.
The DeltaPix Insight v5.3.11 is the last 32bit version supported, and only the 64bit version will be further developed.

General bugfix.
- Manual updated.
- Fixed bug when switching Invenio SII <-> Invenio DII.
- Fixed WB issue with Invenio 8DII
- New installer :
- Silent uninstall.
- Fixed some EF/Topo top/button issues for the XYZF acquisition.
- XYZF topography file option (*.2D.jpg + *.3D.bin + *.3D.sur)
- Header text in maximized mode fixed.
- Integration of Digital Surf
- New multicurve HDAS comparison.
API updated 7.2.3
- Topography units fixed
- Reload of topography now works, recalculation of roughness too...
- New optimized frame rates for Invenio III cameras.
- New modifier key "Alt" sets framerate to ½x the default frame rate in case of a old or slow computer.
- Documentation updated (Optimized topography...)
- Make backup for cloning - now refreshes settings files just before backup...

Cameras not supporting 64 bit: DP200, Invenio 1D, 3D, 5D. These cannot be upgraded.

Deltapix InSight datasheet