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DeltaPix InSight V6.1.12 64bits

InSight 5.2.3

o Improved performance on low performing computers.
o Extended focus significantly improved
o Calibration with Invenio 2EIII in lowest binning resolution mode fixed
o Malfunctioning EE with Invenio 10SIII fixed.
o Optimized topography false use of parameters fixed.
o Wall rotation changed from [0..359] to [-180..179] degrees
o Misc cleanup in Topography drop-down button.

Special attention is needed for some camera types when used with InSight 64 bit versions:

Invenio 5SIII, Invenio 10SIII, Invenio 2EIII and Invenio 6EIII, 10EIII, 12EIII and 20EIII:
Supported by InSight Basic 6.x.x and newer versions without the need for attaching a dongle, “Basic” version. Supported by InSight 6.x.x Basic plus any combination of advanced modules – but requires a dongle (Physical or virtual) with 64Bit enabled. In case a dongle without 64 bit enabled is attached, it will cause the camera to malfunction and a text like: “dongle expired” might show up. For more info contact DeltaPix.
Infinity X, Infinity X32, Invenio 3S, Invenio 5S, Invenio 1DII, Invenio 3DII, Invenio 5DII, Invenio 8DII, Invenio 3SII, Invenio 5SII:
Supported by InSight 6.x.x in all versions, but a dongle with 64Bit enabled is always required. In case your software displays “dongle expired” or similar text after installing InSight 6.x.x, it might be due to a dongle with missing 64-bit capacity. To solve this, please contact DeltaPix or your local dealer.
DP200, Invenio 1D, Invenio 3D, Invenio 5D These cameras are not supported in Insight 64 bit versions.

Deltapix InSight datasheet