DeltaPix ErgoFocus

Motorized focus system

The ErgoFocus is a new microscope motorization solution from DeltaPix. The ErgoFocus is a unique product that is able to motorize any stereo microscope for an improved working position and job satisfaction by making routine and repetitive tasks more comfortable and easier to do.

This system can be implemented in many different microscopes from well-known brands as Nikon, Leica, Olympus, Zeiss and others (please contact DeltaPix and ask about a specific microscope). This system can also work on microscopes without fine focus.

Ergonomic control of the focus on the microscope provides comfort, which helps increase productivity and reduces stress. This can lower the fatigue factor and human error thus improving the overall quality. Moreover, reduces exhaustion and shoulder pain when working with microscopes for long periods of time.

The system includes a microscope holder, focus motor system, a focus track for adjusting working distance, a base plate with option for transmitted light and an ergonomic electronic focus controller. Microscope holder with focus motor can be customized for adapting to other focus tracks and base plates.

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Motorizes Z axel travel: 50mm
Maximum travel speed: 5mm/sec
Resolution: < 5 μm
Maximum load capacity: 5kg
Ergonomic console, big focus knob
Single 12V DC supply
Simple status Red, Green, Blue LED
RoHs, CE compliant