Segmentation, Counting, and Multiphase Analysis

The Multiphase counting module can utilize up to four phases.
A counting phase is defined by a set of features, like RGB color range and geometrical features.

Preprocessing operations can be done using morphological erode or dilate operations.
Object discrimination is be done using the geometrical features area, M1, and Ferret minimum/maximum distance. The geometrical features can be:

Individual for each phase. This makes counting of objects with different geometrical features possible.
This means that all phases use the same geometrical features. Used when counting objects only segmented by color.
For multiphase counting, an area percentage of each object is calculated, this makes multiphase percentage calculations easy.

The setup is easy and intuitive with interactive fake-color marking of counted objects and an indication of rejected objects.

The counting result can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet for further processing and analysis. The Excel report generator does not require the installation of Excel.
PDF reports can also be generated directly.

All settings can be saved in a dedicated workspace – this makes switching between different counting scenarios quick and easy.

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