InSight Basic – Microscope software

Modern user interface
DeltaPix InSight has a modern and intuitive user interface based on the ribbon band style known from Microsoft Office 2010/2016. Functionality has been grouped logically, and the program is easy to use. DeltaPix InSight is a modular software allowing the operator to purchase modules as needed making DeltaPix InSight very efficient and affordable.

Each optical device, objective, and camera can be calibrated individually. In this way, several microscopes and other optical systems can be managed by the same software installation. Calibrations can be private or shared among all users of the computer.

Measurement and Annotation
Measurement and annotation are an important part of any quality control process. Obtain precise reproducible results through a variety of features found in DeltaPix InSight: • Ruler • Ellipse • Protractor • Three-point circle • Circle center distance • Point to line distance

Measurements can be done on still images or directly on the live camera image. Measurement precision and the measuring unit can be selected individually. A scale bar can automatically be inserted into images. By calibrating the optics in high-resolution mode, precision to fractions of a µm can be achieved. For each objective, the Depth-of-Field and the preferred fixed or relative exposure time can be defined.


Measurement results and images can easily be exported to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This allows further data processing in a flexible way. Furthermore, the report can be automatically converted to a PDF report. The reporting does not require the installation of Microsoft Excel or a PDF writer. A measurement data from multiple object measurements can be appended into one flat comma-separated file for statistical use.

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