COOL07DPX – Cooled Microscope Camera with 7 Megapixel

  • 7 MegaPixel high quality still images
  • High-speed video
  • Large Pixels 4.5mu x 4.5mu
  • Cooled 1″ sensor
  • Exposure time up to 60minusts 

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Cooled microscope camera with fast streaming video and high sensitivity.

DeltaPix cooled microscope cameras offer fast and precise high-resolution live video streams as well as still images! User-friendly setup for everyday use, with a first-in-class price/performance ratio. The Cooled DPX camera series is especially suited for low light applications, due to its high sensitivity, and applications in which a high frame rate and is required. The Cooled DPX camera series is based on a high-quality Sony ExmorTM sensor for excellent image quality, sensitivity, speed, and build-in advanced two-stage peltier cooling technology cooling up to 42°C below ambient temperature. This will greatly increase the signal-to-noise ratio and decrease the image noise.

Technical specifications

Image Sensor 1” Sony Exmor sensor

14.4mm x 9.9mm

Effective pixels 7Mpixels (3200 x 2200)
Frame rate 3200 x 2200 @12FPS (C)
1600 x 1100 @33FPS (C)
Pixel size 4.5 x 4.5 microns
Colour filter Colour
Quantum efficiency 84%@495nm
Exposure time 0.1 milliseconds – 3600 Seconds
Gain 1-100
Sensitivity 2058mv with 1/30s (C)
Cooling Peltier cooling
Shutter Global shutter
Interface Connector USB 3.0 high-speed interface
Lens Mount C-mount
Mass 934g
Power Requirement 12V
Dimensions H X W X D 96.5mm x 86mm x 86mm
Software DeltaPix InSight Basic included


Support and Service

DeltaPix cameras are supported by an experienced team of experts with more than 25 years of experience in the field of camera and imaging. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service and guide them to choose the right camera for their application. Normally support requests are answered within a few hours, and if needed, DeltaPix can do remote online support and setup

Advanced Cooling Technology Reduces Dark Current Down to 0.001e-/pixel/s

The COOL07DPX is based on professional cooling technology from sCMOS cameras, which can significantly reduce the hot pixel noise during the long exposure time.


C-mount makes the camera compatible with most microscopes and objectives on the market.


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