New version of InSight released

· Right click ‘Live Image’ to force max Fps
· Invenio III, Shading correction available
· Invenio III, now includes InSight LE with full measurement features.
· Arrow XYFZ buttons no longer sends ‘stop’ command, if the axis is not spinning.
· Wall automatically removed when saving 3D charts.
· HDMI16DPX camera integration
· Invenio 2EIII integration
· Invenio 6EIII integration
· Fixed old Exposure (and other properties too) slider problem (jumped to default)
· Crop captured images to square option.
· EasySave file name can now be used – also when not in EasySave mode
· Control panel – Disable hardware 3D accelleration checkbox.
· Easy save filename also valid in non-easy save mode.
· Square image mode
· Fixed problem combining Stitching and EF with DpxStep4 controller

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