Light Source

DeltaPix Light sources

One of the most important components in all macro- or micro imaging systems is the light source. Therefore, DeltaPix provides all kind of advanced light sources from well-known companies and from some carefully selected OEM manufacturers. DeltaPix offers a wide range of light sources for a large variety of applications. If you have a special light source need please contact DeltaPix for custom solutions.

Basic Ring Light

This basic Ring light gives a very bright pleasant light, which can be used for long daily work, without getting tired eyes. It’s ideal for stereo microscopes, and with its adjustable light and 4 switchable zones, it is even possible to have parts of the specimen covered in shadow, if needed.

Transmitted light

The extremely flat DeltaPix LED transmitted light, is easy to use and fits most bases on the market.
Backlighting is one of the most popular forms of vision illumination for microscopes, providing maximum contrast between object and scene and showing a high contrast image with consistent edge definition.


LED Light Source

The LED Light Source F1 this illumination solution combines vibration-free and silent operation with absolute reliability over a LED life span of 50.000 hours.
The F1 can be used with light guides.

Ring Light 8ZC

High Power LED Ring light Illuminations, which can be used comfortably all day without tiring the operator’s eyes. This ring light can be diffuse for more uniformly illumination or optimized with a dedicated Fresnel lens for shorter or longer working distance. The Ring light 8ZC can be found in two varied sizes to match the specific needs and it has the option for polarizer filter.

Dome LED Light

Dome light for glare reduction, even and shadow-free lighting
LED Diffuse Dome Illuminator with LEDs illuminating upwards into a white dome which then illuminates the subject perfectly.

Domelight – SUNFLOWER Diffuse LED Illuminator

This multi-segment LED microscope illuminator is designed to provide extraordinary incident light illumination for difficult-to-illuminate stereomicroscope samples. It generates soft, glare-free diffused illumination