LED Light Source

-The LED Light Source F1 was especially designed to be used in very challenging conditions of industrial environments. This illumination solution combines vibration-free and silent operation with absolute reliability over a LED life span of 50.000 hours.

The compatibility of the F1 with PHOTONIC light guides and via customer-specific adapters with other light guides make it one of the most versatile industrial light sources on the market.

– Type: Stand-alone light source
– Illumination technology: LED
– Power supply: External power supply
– Voltage: 100 – 240 VAC
– Max. light guide diameter: Light guide connector is Photonic Standard Ø 15mm, galvanically separated, active diameter: max. 9mm
– Light guide type: Standard light guide
– Filter: No
– Features: Absolutely vibration-free and silent, minimal energy consumptio

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