DeltaPix Modus Mano

Complete Digital microscope system

This high quality and affordable micro system provides all functions necessary for high precision measurements, image capture, 3D-topography, extended depth of focus, documentation and traceable report generation as required by industrial, scientific and biomedical applications.
These systems are designed to enable the user to capture high precision images of all kinds of specimen such as insects, bugs, plants, stones, crystals, meteorites, minerals and many more with an astonishing level of detail.
This micro/ macro system is a unique combination of high quality Japanese optics, a high quality track stand and a DeltaPix scientific USB3 camera.
The system can be configured with different optics, please see the table below. Other options like other cameras, light source, motorization and more are available on request.
– Microscope with ultra high optical and digital resolution.
– Replacement of traditional stereo microscope for imaging.
– Extremely simple and intuitive to configure and use.
– Comes with ring light as standard
– Ideal for capturing magnificent images of plants, minerals, insects, fossils and similar objects
– Including Invenio 10SCIII 10Mpixel camera
– Optical zoom replaced by digital zoom without loosing resolution.
– Including software: DeltaPix InSight Specifications – Camera sensor size 1/2.3í (other options available)
– Minimum working distance: 100mm
– Strack SF (manual): 250mm

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