Domelight – SUNFLOWER Diffuse LED Illuminator

This multi-segment LED microscope illuminator is designed to provide extraordinary incident light illumination for difficult-to-illuminate stereomicroscope samples. It generates soft, glare-free diffused illumination suitable especially for cases where other illumination techniques fail. LEDs with high color rendering index Ra> 95 provide excellent color reproduction.


  • 12+1 independently controlled high intensity LED segments to illuminate the specimen from all directions without producing shades-
  •  Diffusers of LED segments minimize production of reflections
  •  6 tilting arms provide convenient handling of a sample as well as the possibility to adjust precisely the
    the angle of light incident on a sample from all directions
  • Single-button press switches on/off the whole upper and lower ring formed by LED segments
  •  Rotation of the preset combination of lit / switched off LED segments clockwise and counterclockwise
  •  Constant color temperature at the whole illumination range
  •  Low power consumption, lifetime over 20 000 hours.
    Compatible Microscopes:
  •  Stereomicroscopes with objective diameter up to 69mm

Images Acquired Using SUNFLOWER Microscope Illuminator

sample image 1
sample image 3
sample image 4

Comparison with Other LED Microscope Illuminators