DeltaPix Microscope Cameras

Invenio EIII

Fast Streaming Video High sensitivity and unique color fidelity.


Resolution ranging from 2.3 MP – 20 MP Sony Exmor ™ with USB 3.0 Interface

Invenio 2Elll
Invenio 6Elll
Invenio 10Elll
Invenio 12EIII
Invenio 20EIII


True colour pixel-shifting CCD camera with USB 2.0 interface. Resolution up to 32MP.

USB 3.0 DPX cameras

Budget-frindly USB 3.0 cameras including software. Resolution ranging from 5 MP – 20 MP Sony Exmor ™ with USB 3.0 Interface

Invenio III

HDMI Cameras

high-resolution HDMI cameras in 4K or FHD


Built-in software designed as a stand-alone solution

Invenio 4KHDMI
HDMI 16MDPX with screen


DeltaPix Microscope Cameras

DeltaPix has been developing, manufacturing and marketing microscope cameras, software and microscope systems since 2003. Microscope cameras from DeltaPix are particularly remarkable for their fast video streaming, Low noise, and high resolution. All DeltaPix Microscope cameras are built-in Denmark by DeltaPix in a dust-free clean chamber to achieve the best quality camera and image. DeltaPix is an innovative focused company, and has introduced several unique technologies in our Microscope cameras, among them is the “DeltaVu” technology, patented by DeltaPix and used in the camera “Infinity X-32”, probably the microscope camera with the highest resolution in the world.

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