DeltaPix Installs material XYZ scanning system at Danish company “Haldor Topsoe”

A complete XYZ scanning system has been installed at the Danish Company “Haldor Topsoe”. Haldor Topsoe is a major manufacturer of catalyst products, process design and fuel cells, employing more than 2200 people worldwide. Haldor Topsoe uses the XYZ scanning system from DeltaPix to overview larger structures with microscopic details in various materials. The system includes a motorized XY stage and a motorized Z-stand which holds an Infinity X-32 camera and the possibility to adapt both high magnification microscope objectives with coax light, and a macro lens with ring light and polarization option. The motorized Z-stand makes it possible to combine automatic extended focus, extended exposure and automatic XY stitching. The system delivered to Haldor Topsoe is shown below (left). This system has recently been replaced with a 64 bit Windows 7 compatible system (right), but as the 32 bit system is very compact, it is still available. Research scientist Lars Fahl Lundegaard explains: “After having installed this system we have saved time and life has become much easier when it comes to getting an overview of material defects and at the same time being able to zoom into even the smallest microscopic details. We have even found a new application for the system, as we have build a kinematic mount so that we can move samples from the DeltaPix XYZ system to our scanning electron microscopes, and by transferring the co-ordinates from the DeltaPix system to the electron microscope, we can go directly from macro view to nano view. Correlated microscopy is now straight forward”. Contact DeltaPix for more details about the automated XYZ scanning systems, available at surprisingly affordable costs starting at around 14000 Euro.