DeltaPix Modus M12Z

Fully automated digital microscope

This innovative fully automated digital microscope offers quality and features never seen before at this price level. “3D topography”, “Super depth of field”, “Auto stitching”, Automatic scanning, and much more. Everything is included in an ultra-compact and affordable digital microscope.

  • 3D topography/3D measurement
  • 2D measurements
  • Roughness
  • Super depth of field
  • Auto stitching
  • Automatic scanning
  • Easily customizable

3D Topography

With the 3D module in InSight, it is possible to display the topography of the specimen under observation. Height measurements and profiles

3D topography of a screw

2D Profile

A 2D profile can be calculated between any two points on the surface.
displayed and documented.

2D screw

Roughness measurement

The Modus 12Z offers a non-contact roughness measurement according to guidelines of ISO 25178-2:2012.

Super Depth of Field

The Modus 12Z has the ability to produce “Super depth of field”, by capturing images at different focus levels and intelligently extract a full focus image from the captured images. The number of images needed for each extended focus capture, is calculated automatically, from the depth of focus at the actual magnification.

Stunning High Resolution images with great details.

Captures stunning images by combining outstanding optics with a high quality camera from DeltaPix.
This digital microscope, is built around a 12 times Zoom system made in Japan. As it is a mono system, the optics can be made much smaller, cost effectively and more compact, compared to a similar stereo zoom system. The optical quality is comparable or even better than with the best stereo microscopes.

To avoid vibrations during image capture, at high magnifications, the mechanical system and the optics is built around extremely solid, yet very compact components.

Extended Field of View / Auto stitching

By including a motorized XY stage with the Modus M12Z digital microscope, the field of view can be extended significantly. This is done without involving the user in complicated calculations, the user just moves the specimen in real time with the joystick or keyboard to two opposite corners of the area of interest, then the software does the rest automatically. The resulting image combine the overlook enabled by a large field of view with unmatched microscopic details. The automatic stitching can be combined with extended depth of field, extended image dynamics and auto focus. See video here:

Measure, analyze and report the results

DeltaPix InSight software

The user- friendly software DeltaPix InSight makes the M12Z a powerful and user- friendly microscope.
DeltaPix InSight is a powerful software for image processing, analysis, measurement, 3D topography and much more….
DeltaPix software is based on many years of experience, which shows up in the small details when working with the camera and software in the “real world”.

Easily customizable.

The M12Z is configurable to match a specific specimen, from bullet cartridge, to bugs, to samples requiring large working distances – DeltaPix provide high quality objective and cameras to meet the demands of the various application.
DeltaPix provides wide range of components like motorized stages, illuminations, controllers and bases.