DeltaPix Modus M28Z

DeltaPix digital inspection microscope with 28x motorized zoom

DeltaPix Microscope with 28x motorized zoom, ideal for digital inspection, observation and measurement. This innovative new Digital Microscope, includes a wide variety of measurement functions, full computer control of all functions and much more.

  • Full HD
  • 3D measurement
  • Ultra-compact
  • 3D topography
  • Super depth of fieldg
  • USB 3.0
  • HDMI

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Modus 28Z

Super Depth of Field

The Modus 28Z has the ability to produce “Super depth of field”, by capturing images at different focus levels and intelligently extract a full focus image from the captured images. The number of images needed for each extended focus capture, is calculated automatically, from the depth of focus at the actual magnification.

Capture Stunning and high resolution Images.

Fast live image eliminates any image delays because of the fast camera, making inspection of the product/biological sample simple and easy.

User-friendly Microscope

Plug and play – HDMI or USB 3.0 interface for ease of installation on any computer or monitor.
The Modus M28Z is designed to be user-friendly and independent on a pc. the operator can use this system as a standalone connected directly to a monitor or with a Pc via USB 3.0

3D Topography

With the 3D module in InSight, it is possible to display the topography of the specimen under observation. Height measurements and profiles across any section of the material can be displayed and documented. As dark and saturated parts will make the results less reliable, the Modus 12Z uses the innovative dome light and extended dynamics to achieve reliable results, which cannot be achieved in other similar systems.

Measure, analyze and report the results

DeltaPix InSight software

Every Invenio camera includes DeltaPix InSight LE software, a powerful software for image processing, analysis, measurement and much more….
DeltaPix software is based on many years of experience, which shows up in the small details when working with the camera and software in the “real world”.

Download latest software

Modus M28Z is inherently ergonomic.

This is due to the completely digital output of the microscope there are no eyepieces that need adjusting. The monitor can be quickly and easily adapted for several users helping to ensure that all operators maintain a proper and comfortable working posture. As a result, this system can not only improve working conditions, but reduce work-related injuries due to uncomfortable working conditions. Additionally, this system is ideal for team work due to multiple operators can observe the sample from the monitor at the same time.

The Modus M28z Includes

The M28Z is a complete digital inspection system. Everything is included:
The Modus M28Z camera with Motorizes zoom
Pole stand – ideal for viewing large or small samples
LED ring-light with zone controlled illumination
5.0x objective
8GB USB stick