DeltaPix pleased to introduce 3 new cameras

DeltaPix Invenio EIII

The New Invenio EIII DeltaPix EIII premium microscope cameras series offers fast and precise high-resolution live video stream as well as still images! User-friendly setup for everyday use, with a first in class price/performance ratio. The new InvenioEIII premium cameras are designed with great attention to details and features. The Invenio EIII cameras come in a housing design made to stand out visually as well as been practical and compact. In addition to the new camera house, the Invenio EIII cameras are based on well-recognized and high-quality Sony sensors for excellent image quality sensitivity, color fidelity, and speed..

New Invenio EIII models
- Invenio 10EIII is 10 megapixel, has a 2/3" sensor and up to 35FPS
- Invenio 12EIII is 12 megapixel, has a 1/1.7" sensor and up 40FPS
- Invenio 20EIII is 20 megapixel, has a 1" sensor and up 60FPS